How can I help you?
“Lenka, I need to learn about social media, but I can’t afford to buy anything at this time.”
– I got ya covered! You can get free information about social media on my blog and you can download my SMFA-U freebie with quick tips to improve your social media presence.

“Lenka, I read your blog and freebie already, I’d like to learn some more at my own pace.”
– For you, I’ve got the Social Media for Actors e-book on SMFA-U! 40 pages filled with in-depth ninja advice on social media and content creation.

“Lenka, I’ve read your e-book, I know my actor brand inside out and I’m ready to take on content creation. Can you guide me on my journey?”
– Absolutely! Please reach out to me at hello[at] and drop me a few lines to let me know about you, your actor brand, what kind of content are you thinking of creating and what can I help you with.