I’m always amazed by the level of awesomeness of the #SMFAninjas community. It’s full of talented actors, who also happen to have an arsenal of other skills that they don’t hesitate to share with other ninjas.

I’m grateful to Bonnie Gillespie for bringing these amazing people to my life and I’m so happy that I can give back to the community by sharing my knowledge and experience with social media through the SMFA-U.

SMFA-U is such a great idea and I believe all the courses there are going to help everyone to jump some tiers in their careers.


My first offer is an e-book called Social Media for Actors. I’ve written it in the style of Self-management for Actors that we all know and love because one of the things that make the SMFA book so brilliant is the way it’s structured.

Social Media for Actors covers the basics. It’s intended for beginners and intermediate social media users and it’s the foundation all my next offers are going to be built on.

I also got FREE stuff for ya! One you might know from Get in Gear for the New Year, it’s the Quick Ninja Tips to Improve Your Social Media Presence. The other is a Content Planning Calendar to help you stay organized with your content creation. I’ll also be blogging and vlogging about social media, more FREE advice.

Excited like I am? Head over to dojo.bonniegillespie.com to check out all the offers from the SMFA-U profs.

What can you expect next?

I’m currently working on more e-books about the individual social media platforms and their potential for actor’s career. These e-books are going to build upon the Social Media for Actors e-book and they are going to be on a more intermediate and advanced level.

Again, thank you to all ninjas who participated in the survey that helped me determine what it is that you’d like to learn about. Your feedback was incredibly helpful and please continue to have a conversation with me about social media and your career.

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