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Helping you to thrive online.



Do you have a burning question about social media? I’m offering FREE e-mail coaching until the end of 2019, so you can march into 2020 ready to improve your social media presence and mindset. All I ask in return is that you write me a reference and agree with me using it freely to promote my coaching. Why do I want a reference? Before I buy anything, I like to know if other people benefited from it. I’d like to provide actors considering coaching with me some insight from other actors about how they benefited from my advice. That’s fair, right?

How does it work? E-mail me ONE QUESTION and I’ll get back to you ASAP. 

Helping You To Thrive Online

What can you expect from social media coaching with me?

First and foremost – personal approach and guidance. I’ll teach you how to promote your career in a way that doesn’t feel like marketing. No selling your soul and no magical formulas for overnight success.

I can help you to improve your social media presence, discuss content creation ideas and strategies with you, and advise you on creating buzz for your passion project.

You can expect to gain know-how, get practical tips for your next steps and to get a lot of homework.


Are you ready to invest in yourself?

What will you get?


Anything you need to learn from working with a particular platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube) to strategies for content creation (from on-brand posts to original short-form content) and project promotion (webseries or indie short films).


Once you have the know-how, you need to take action for it to have any effect. That can feel overwhelming, which is why I can help you prioritize your next steps based on your options.


There’s only so much that can be done in one sitting. You’ll get tasks you should complete in order to achieve your goals, tips for resources for further studies and tips for tools you should check out and learn with.


Because that’s just b******t. There is no such thing as an overnight success that comes without putting in the work. If you are looking for something like that, I’m not the right coach for you.

How It Works


I offer Starter Coaching, Standard Coaching, and Advanced Coaching Package. Which one is the right for you? Read the description to get a better idea what to expect from each. If you are not sure which one to choose, contact me directly and I’ll help you choose the right one for you and your needs. Contact me at hello[at]



This part is the most important for both you and me. The more information you give me beforehand, the better prepared I’ll be for our session. It’s a win-win for both of us. So don’t book a coaching session with me in a hurry. Remember, it’s an investment in yourself and what you put in is gonna come back.


Once I have received your e-mail, I’ll send you the payment details. After that we are all set to schedule our session based on what time and date works for the both of us the best. I work with actors based in different timezones and we usually Skype or use Messenger for our calls.

Starter Coaching (30 minutes)

Half-hour coaching is perfect if you have just a few quick questions about social media or you just want to get a taste of what it’s like to work with me before committing to a longer session.

Standard Coaching (1 hour)

One-hour coaching is perfect for getting deep with any questions you may have about social media. We can discuss your social media strategy, you can learn more about a particular platform or discuss content creation ideas.

Advanced Coaching Package (3x 1 hour)

The Advanced Coaching Package gives you 3 separate one-hour coaching sessions that are perfect for discussing your on-going project or if you want to learn to use any particular platforms and need me to show you all the features and tricks.


Coaching Application Form

Please answer these three questions with your application:

What is your goal for this coaching session?

What do you need me to look at? Please include links to your social media profiles we will be talking about.

Anything else I need to know?


“As a first-time producer and NOT a millennial, I needed Lenka’s help! Her social media coaching was extremely beneficial. She helped me organize and strategically plan the promotion and release of my web series across all platforms. I recommend Lenka for help with any social media questions!”

Stephanie M. Wilkinson

Producer, Susan’s Senior Moments

About Me

Hi, I’m Lenka and I started out blogging about my journey to London to study acting in English back in 2011. 

My story of a slightly unconventional approach to hacking my acting education while being broke caught the attention of sites like Huffington Post and A Younger Theatre. My blog Acting Abroad was nominated for aShorty Award and in’s TOP International Blogs.

I also started teaching actors how to use social media in between my classes and shifts at the Actors Centre in London. I realized there are so many talented people who would like to learn how to promote themselves on social media, but don’t know how. I’ve been helping them ever since.

Between acting work, I started producing videos on YouTube, which led to a job offer at Stario, a digital agency, and later I landed a job at SYMBIO, an integrated advertising agency. 

Combining my experience in the show business and online marketing, I’m helping actors and creators all over the world to thrive on social media.

Since 2017, I’ve been a proud SMFA-U Prof. The lovely Bonnie Gillespieapproached me to create a course about social media and I’ve been producing eBooks for actors since then.